About Music

“Soldier Jane“ by Beck. And Franz Schubert‘s “Die Täuschung“, The Deception, interpreted by a woman soprano whilst dedicated to male tenor voice. This was the music that had determined the sound of our unborn film. To find Soldate Jeannette‘s voice was not easy. Deep drillings were required to encounter Bettina Köster as she‘s somewhat like a continent. We are constantly moving on Bettina Köster`s tectonic plates, speaking about the countries and peoples that populate her. In the late 1970s in Berlin and New York she already took care of plain text with bands like Malaria. Her music is the voice of women in heroic attitude. Recently she published her album “Queen of Noise“.

It was time then to get out of town together with Eva Jantschitsch‘s “Gustav ” and her album “Verlass die Stadt”, Leave the City, really posing the question: Soldier or veteran? But like in English there was no feminine form for “soldier“ in French. We had to enforce the neglected by adding the feminine French “e“ at the ending of “Soldate Jeannette.“ Natalie Stutzmann gives the answer in contralto, in her interpretation of Franz Schubert‘s mentioned song: “Nur Täuschung ist für mich Gewinn!“, Delusion is my only Profit!