Johanna Orsini-Rosenberg – Fanni

Johanna Orsini-Rosenberg spent the first years of her life in Damtschach Castle, in the vastness of the park and in the splendid apartments of a centuries-old building. At the tender age of ten years she fascinated the audience performing “Jeanne d`Arc“. Shortly after, she completed her acting training at the Mozarteum in Salzburg. Her parts at the Burgtheater in Vienna soon became too small, so she went on to the stages of Germany, which led to catharsis and retour à Vienne, where she has been acting on numerous stages since. It was there that providence let her come across that odd character, Daniel Hoesl, providing the opportunity for her to dovetail, along with her weird biography, with one of the most beautiful work experiences. Even though her assets burst into flames at it. What price the world?

Christina Reichsthaler – Anna

Christina Reichsthaler, born in 1980 not far from a lake, has been prone to tears all of her life, has stirred up waves and has drifted through trainings and workings hoping to restore the embryonic feeling of comfort. Emotionally bouncing off the pompous building of Vienna as well as the hollow facades of Salzburg, these cold cities spat her back to the country. Passing the final examination of her studies of multimedia arts immediately compelled her to wagework on an organic chicken farm with board and lodge, where the hens benefit from the massage techniques learnt years before. Christina does not own a car, likes driving a tractor, and prefers a bobsleigh to skis.

Josef Kleindienst – Ernst

Josef Kleindienst was born in 1972 in a small town in the Austrian Alps. He studied philosophy, worked as a chauffeur, and fought as a German lecturer in Yemen against Al Qaeda. His novel “An dem Tag, als ich meine Friseuse küsste, sind viele Vögel gestorben.“ was published in 2010. With his text “Ausflug“ he caused irritations among the audience and the jury of the Ingeborg Bachmann Prize. Some media subsequently demanded his disqualification from the competition. His new book, “Freifahrt“, will be published in January 2013.

Full Cast

Johanna Orsini-RosenbergFanni
Christina ReichsthalerAnna
Josef KleindienstErnst
Bettina KoesterChanteuse
Julia SchranzStalker
Aurelia BurckhardtFemme d'Affaires
Stephanie FürstenbergCousine
Claus Philipp Séducteur
Ines RösslNotaire
Thomas Draschan L'Héritier
Gerald MattCouturier
Willfried KantnerBanquier
Agnes HausmannSa Assistante
Wolfgang SchirakCar Dealer
Rupert LangerOutdoor expert
Herbert FugerGendarme
Rupert KlemmerPaysan Vieux
Barbara LehnerGaleriste
Johann EignerBoucher
Horst Heiss Contrôleur