Director’s Statement

I may be idealistic, but I believe in humankind. I risk sounding prophetic, but I feel our ability to love has gone astray. The ability to say, “Give me your hand,” or “Share my bread.” Am I idealistic when I wish we treated our orphaned children as well as we do a beloved animal? How funny I must sound when I say aloud, “Elephants are better humans.” We believe in the holy money, the holiness of the Federal Reserve, the communion of banks, the payout of interest and eternal assets. Amen. Instead, let’s bask in the burning inflation. We‘ll sing along and raise our voices as one. We are the mighty ones who have the power to bring down the religion of dollars and cents, pounds and pence. Life will rise like the sun. Like it has for Fanni and Anna. They are everyday soldiers. They wage battle against the forces that threaten to tear at their spirit. They succeed not by fighting, but by simply choosing not to do what they don‘t want to, by stealing the keys to liberty.