European Film Conspiracy

A European Film Conspiracy is a fleeing entity, a philosophy, and a conspiracy in the spirit of its conceivers. It does not occupy a body, and it is neither a natural person nor a corporate entity. It is a vehicle, a phantom, a momentum, an engine of war that captures all those that make films without clinging to conventional framework conditions. Not to undermine the latter, but to exploit the free space beside them. The free space is wide. But the equipment is sparse. Through that space thoughts may fly on golden wings.

For each project the Conspiracy comprises different members in this respect. Besides Daniel Hoesl, who founded the Conspiracy a few years ago in the USA, Katharina Posch, Gerald Kerkletz, and Eva Hausberger joined the kitchen collective this time. Recipes are not followed in this kitchen. The only ingredients used are those that are found. Through castings biographies are found. Experienced cooks are required to create – as if by magic – a dish out of it. This way the story develops, as an order of courses develops. Scene by scene. The accompanying wines are not forgotten. Three violins are not employed when one is enough. A grain of rice is a grain of rice. Picture for picture, a symphony of time.