Producer’s Statement

It really touched my nerve to make a film on-the-fly and without script, beyond accustomed structures and formats of production whose regime wants to cast creativity into molds. It took a short round of pastis to convince me of Daniel’s and Gerald’s idea; I went on board without swaying. After several years in Latin America and carried by the brisk wind of coming back, after our first meeting one and a half years ago, we succeeded quickly in assisting at the birth of our soldier.

In between, there are 20 months of intensive work for a project that has a minimum budget and requires maximum effort from all team members. When I say minimum, I mean a budget of 65.000 Euro, which is about 3 % of a usual arthouse film budget in Austria. Working under these conditions requires to be pally with martyrs who can work professionally and efficiently because they earn their living elsewhere, in our society scarred by exploitation. The big part of the cake goes to those with the biggest spoons, who dig into it like bunnies. We pre-financed the shooting. The wages for the team make up about half of the budget; they are capped both upwards and downwards according to the volume of work and to the community principle. Art takes place, creates movement, is on its beat.