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DVD Release USA

Back in the U.S.A.! You can now get the DVD of Soldate Jeannette in the US, or stream, or download it. Thanks to Jordan Mattos and the whole gang from

“What to do with 600.000 Euros? Not buying a train ticket for one. Or pay the rent arrears. At least, this is what Fanni (Johanna Orsini-Rosenberg) reckons. She ends her bourgeois existence, ties up her hiking boots and starts anew on a farm. To whomever this seems a bit trivial, actually got the right requirements to understand the films subversive humour.

Her actions have nothing to do with developing a self-awareness. Fanni doesn’t need to redefine her relationship to values and society. She sees off the system with an almighty bang, not the other way around. It is outrageous and puzzling. The idea of freedom, which Daniel Hoesl proposes in his first feature length film, is probably one of the most liberating and radical of contemporary cinema.”